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Balerno (excl.) - Ravelrig Jct.

Date Closed to Passenger Services

6 Sep 1939

Mileage Closed

1m 16c

Stations Closed


Services Operated

1048pm WO Edinburgh (Princes St.) - Addiewell via Balerno

Timetable Reference

B1273 8 Aug 1939 749 & 753

Cobb Atlas Reference

533 16 67 - 532 14 67


RCH Edinburgh & Glasgow District 1915 - Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

Further Notes

Date of closure is LTR - Wed 06/09/1939.

Apart from the early years, this section of line had a very sparse service throughout its life and was virtually invisible in the timetables. B Aug 1887 379 shows the Balerno 'loop' as part of the Edinburgh - West Calder - Glasgow table and an early morning out and return working from Edinburgh - Midcalder via Balerno.

By B900 Jul 1908 the line appeared on a separate Edinburgh - Balerno only table.

Throughout to closure in 1939, the last train from Edinburgh (Princes St.) would appear on the Balerno table as running every weekday and with no reference to the 'farmers' market special' service beyond Balerno towards West Calder through Ravelrig Jct. But, the same train would appear on the main line table through West Calder running ThO through the 1910s & 20s but with no reference to running via Balerno. From the 1930s it ran WO and was now noted as 'via Balerno' on the main table on p753.

CPLGB & PNM both give ACD as Mon 11/09/1939. As this train ran WO it is assumed the LTR Wed 06/09/1939 and the date quoted was OCD, as many services were curtailed then due to the outbreak of war. Although this line had an albeit sparse RTS, as opposed to SDS, the principle of applying the 'on and from' closure date doesn't make sense where only one train a week ran. I could go with the putative OCD, but it is just that and how 'official' is debatable. So, I've settled for LTR as that seems the most appropriate.

See Balerno Jct. [Slateford] - Balerno.


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