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Ashton Moss South Jct. - Denton Jct.

Date Closed to Passenger Services

24 Jan 1994

Mileage Closed

1m 68c

Stations Closed


Services Operated

Oldham (Clegg St.) - Guide Bridge/Stockport (Edgeley) 

Summer dated services

1828 SX Aberystwyth - York and the 2150 SX York - Aberystwyth

0910 SO Stockport - Manchester (Victoria)

Timetable Reference

B1499 Feb 1959 Table L140

Cobb Atlas Reference

370 92 99 - 91 96

Present Status



RCH RJD 32 1912

Further Notes

First ACD - Mon 04/05/1959 - local services from Oldham (Clegg St.) - Guide Bridge/Stockport (Edgeley) withdrawn.

The line, in conjunction with OA&GB Jct. - Ashton Moss South Jct., continued to be used only by SDS until Mon 07/07/1969 when the 1828 SX Aberystwyth - York and the 2150 SX York - Aberystwyth mail trains (conveying public passenger accommodation) were introduced, effectively reopening the line to regular all-year-round services - BLN 134/1.

Second ACD - Mon 12/05/1980 - when the York to/from Aberystwyth services ceased using this section of line in favour of Stalybridge - Denton Jct. via Guide Bridge. (These trains ceased running altogether from Mon 16/05/1988.) This left the line with no RTS.

However, along with Ashton Moss North Jct. - Ashton Moss South Jct., it  continued to be used by SDS and latterly by one train per week, the 0910 SO Stockport - Manchester (Victoria) - see above link for full details.  

The line was temporarily RO 01/10/1984, including OA&GB Jct. - Ashton Moss South Jct. for diverted Stalybridge - Stockport service; CL 17/12/1984 - BLN 504 p285/84 & BLN 507 p25/85.

Final ACD, (official this time) - Mon 24/01/1994 - sought by BR under Section 56 (7) of the Transport Act 1962, consent being granted - BLN 721 p10/94-50.

*RCH RJD 32 1912.


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