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Potterhill (excl.) - Barrhead Central Jct.

Date Closed to Passenger Services

1 Jun 1913

Mileage Closed

1m 25c

Stations Closed


Services Operated

Glasgow (St. Enoch) - Barrhead (Central)

Cobb Atlas Reference

529 48 61 - 49 59

Present Status



RCH Glasgow Coatbridge & Paisley 1932

Further Notes

ACD - Sun 01/06/1913 - CPLGB p56.

The Glasgow and South Western Railway, SLS 1950 p55 gives an interesting account of the often short-lived services operated. This includes the "'Circular Service' between St Enoch and Barrhead Central [which] which commenced with the opening of the latter on 1 October 1902. 'Outer Circle' trains ran from St Enoch by Pollockshaws to Barrhead Central, where the engine rounded the train, returning to St Enoch via Potterhill, Paisley Canal and Bellahouston. 'Inner Circle' trains took the opposite course. The circular service was withdrawn 1 October 1907 [Tue]".

RHRGB Vol.6 Scotland - Lowlands p240 states "The circular service was withdrawn on 1 October 1907. On 1 February 1913 services ceased between Potterhill and Barrhead Central..." However. no service can be identified in either B900 Jul 1908 or B921 Apr 1910. It is possible that services operated in the intervening time up to formal closure were workmens' trains. If they were unadvertised, and Bradshaw's suggests they were, then ACD should be Tue 01/10/1907.

P.S. An interesting discrepancy in closure dates between 01/02/1913 and 01/06/1913 also exists in relation to St. Johns Jct. - Gallowgate Jct. It may well be that in one instance the dates have inadvertently been transposed. To confuse matters further, RHRGB Vol.6 p296 gives ACD for St. Johns - Gallowgate and Potterhill - Barrhead as 01/02/1913. The G&SWR, SLS p21 gives St. Johns - Gallowgate ACD as 01/02/1913, but p55 gives 01/06/1913!  

Further information/clarification most welcome.


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