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St. Johns Jct. - Gallowgate Jct.

Date Closed to Passenger Services

1 Feb 1913

Mileage Closed

0m 25c

Stations Closed


Services Operated

Bellahouston - Bridgeton Cross - see Notes below

Cobb Atlas Reference

529 59 64 - 60 64; NS 59973 64906 - NS 60381 64804

Present Status




Further Notes

CL - 08/1898; RO - 12/1904 - CPLGB.

ACD - Sat 01/02/1913 - CPLGB p56

Although no timetabled service has yet been identified up to the time of closure, The Glasgow and South Western Railway, SLS 1950 p55 sheds some interesting light on the matter. "On 1 April 1893 the line from St John's to the NBR Bridgeton Cross Branch was opened. Trains here ran between Bridgeton Cross and Bellahouston. At the peak of these suburban services (known as 'The Bus Trains') there were ..... 17 each way on the Bridgeton Cross [line]. In 1897 [these] trains were curtailed to a Bridgeton Cross - St Enoch run only, and by 1898 the route was in use by only one or two workmens' trains. This service ceased altogether from 1 June 1913..."      

This indicates that RTS ceased from Aug 1898, with workmens' trains continuing until complete closure in Feb or Jun 1913. Perhaps the RO in Dec 1904 was to advertised workmens' trains, though no evidence of any such trains has been identified in B900 Jul 1908 or B922 Apr 1910.

P.S. An interesting discrepancy in closure dates between 01/02/1913 and 01/06/1913 also exists in relation to Potterhill (excl.) - Barrhead Central Jct. It may well be that in one instance the dates have inadvertently been transposed. To confuse matters further, RHRGB Vol.6 p296 gives ACD for St. Johns - Gallowgate and Potterhill - Barrhead as 01/02/1913. The G&SWR, SLS p21 gives St. Johns - Gallowgate ACD as 01/02/1913, but p55 gives 01/06/1913!

Further information welcome.


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